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welcome to our company

Yichun Pluscool Sports is funded by a professional team group in 2016. Excited by the idea of doing something different, practical and stylish, they set out to create Pluscool Sports, with the goal of addressing the need for high quality sportswear at nice prices.

Pluscool Sports specializes in different sportswear, including sports bra, leggings, yoga wear, gym wear, compression wear, rash guards, etc.Committed to “End-user first” philosophy, we have been gathering skilled pattern designers, experienced administrative and QC staff, and workers with over 10 years of sewing experience.  

 Pluscool Sports have full control over the production. We appreciate and understand the investment our customers are making, and the only way we feel comfortable living up to our reputation is to be responsible for every aspect of our process.

When we commit to something, we know it will happen.


WhatsApp Online Chat !
WhatsApp Online Chat !